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*The 2017-2018 Rulebook, published by Senior Softball-USA, has been posted on the Organization Page. There is also a two-page Summary of Significant Changes.


​​*The Spring Session schedules have been posted on the Schedules Page. Note that the start time for the the first game will be at 8 AM.

*The Spring Session team rosters for both the Sun and Lakes Division teams may be found on the Members and Rosters Page.

*CONGRATULATIONS to Manager Mike Gloyd and the Terry & Susan Young Realty team for winning the Sun Division Winter League tournament.

​*CONGRATULATIONS to Manager Gary Hillabolt and the Farmers Insurance team for winning the Lakes Division Winter League tournament.

*The Bylaws revision was approved in a vote held Thursday and Friday, Feb. 16 and 17. The Revised Bylaws may be found on the Organization Page.

*The results of our survey regarding splitting the league into two divisions was viewed as positive by over three-fourths of the members responding. Full details of the survey results will be posted along with the minutes of the most current Board meeting.

​The SLSSA is an Arizona

Non-profit corporation

Sun Lakes Senior Softball Association


*SAVE THE DATE!! Our annual banquet will be held in the Oakwood

Ballroom on Monday evening, March 27. Invitations and RSVP cards will be mailed to all members by March 1st.

         Welcome MEMBERS & VISITORS!

​FEBRUARY 21, 2017

*The articles from the February edition of the Sun Lakes Splash have been posted on the Press Clippings Page. This month's Player Profile features RANDY ROTHENBEUHLER​.


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